ST Endüstri: Filiz Cingi Yurdakul on How to Design Steel Structures

Aura Design Studio Founder Architect Filiz Cingi Yurdakul stated that they always use structural steel in special spaces that require wide axis spacing, in structures that need to be produced quickly and that are prone to modular production, and said, ” I think that the use of structural steel has many advantages. Our projects generally consist of hybrid solutions where we use steel and structural steel together. The production of steel elements at the factory minimizes the margin of error. It provides serious advantages in construction speed. Construction speed gains importance in regions where the construction season is short. We definitely use structural steel in conference halls, sports halls, foyers, and top covers that require wide axle spacing. The disadvantage of structural steel is that it requires the construction site teams to consist of people who are experts in their fields. Since reinforced concrete structures are considered as conventional building types, material combination details are generally compatible with reinforced concrete building systems. For this reason, all the details in the projects need to be specially designed.”, she said.


Aura Design Studio