Tarsus is located between two big cities; Mersin and Adana on the highway between these two cities. For the reason that Tarsus is close to the Mersin’s touristic region and Tarsus airport, it has a potential to develop well. Embracing historical, religious and geographical importance, Tarsus has a great deal of contribution to Mersin. Existing facilities for accommodation is foreseen as not to be adequate in the near future due to the increasing tourist amount so, tourists get obliged to accommodate either in Mersin or Adana. The proposed project complex is in this very urban island that includes Tarsus Culture Park, cultural center, and city stadium. Besides, the project area is at somewhere on the central point, parallel to the urban park and the main highway, which makes it a special spot for Tarsus. Therefore, it generates a meeting spot for the users of the area.

City of Tarsus has a special significance in terms of its location and reasonable distances to the important spots in the city. Since the mixed- use projects that are getting common fulfill the needs of modern life demands, suggested complex of buildings are designed with mixed-use theme. The complex is made up of bazaar, hotel blocks, studio flats, office buildings and two residential buildings. These five masses are both relating with each other and distinctive/independent. Whole commercial areas are brought together under the bazaar complex.

LOCATION Tarsus, Mersin
PROJECT TYPE Multiple Residences, Hotel, Office and Shopping Centre
CLIENT Tarsus Municipality
STATUS Completed


Aura Design Studio