The face of Morocco opened to the world; Casablanca, brings Africa and the Atlantic Ocean together. The city, initially shaped by a strong geography, culture and historical heritage, has become increasingly stunted with the ocean and has turned its back on. The city, growing in the form of concentric rings around the old city on the margin of the ocean, has physically moved one step further from the ocean every time it bounces, and the links between the newly developed areas and the coast increase each time. Atlantic Ocean is an indispensable asset for the inhabitants of the Casablanca, although the physical infrastructure of the city breaks the ties with the ocean. Especially in recent years, the intense interest on the Atlantic coast, which has become a renewed interest, which has become a point of interest again, has been caused by a sudden change in the coast because it doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure. This sudden change has further deteriorated the Atlantic from the rest of Casablanca. Casablanca urgently needs to make peace with the Atlantic and become a liquid city, again. In order to be able to do sustainably, it is necessary to return to the city’s main plan decisions, to make coastal planning a priority, and to take into account the needs of all category and people who have rights on the coast. The most important evidence of the tangential relationship between the coast and the city is the network of transport from the city to the Atlantic, but in a minimal way. This transportation network worth to shore at several points, as well as the fact that the users are not effectively reaching to beaches, producing solutions are inadequate to how they move along the coast. At the heart of our project is to overcome this problem, Casablanca city reach to coast and it is directed to move along coast with the Atlantic. One of the most important reflections of this is current tram line which runs between the Sidi Abderrahman Street and the Hassan II Mosque along the coast, as extending parallel to the coast, which we suggest in connection with current tram line. Our recommendation at Ain Diab, which Casablanca residents often prefer, epitomises our holistic design approach. The strong transportation grid is created by trams, buses, motorways and bicycle routes have been provided with many transport alternatives, both urban and coastal along with strengthened vertical and horizontal pedestrian connections. The squares in this transport grid, terraces, urban balconies, children’s playgrounds, sand sports areas and occasional green spaces offers a variety of high-quality alternatives to spend time on the beach for people reaching the Atlantic.

It is designed that along the El Hank band east of the project area is a liquid, mobile, accessible and modern language, but using more urban character. The heavy residential and commercial fabric is located in the south of the area, which include the potential of the user along El Hank band of the cord, and it transports to coast these users with pedestrian and vehicle connections established through focal points. The designed strong pedestrian promenade along the road makes visual and physical entire the coastal band between El Hank and Hassan Mosque. This promenade, which is added by trams and motorways continuing from the south of the area but separated by a strong green area from the urban chaos, while El Hank gives it an emphaticise urban identity to El Hank band, El Hank brings his urban identity to the length of the cord, returns its face to the Atlantic. Our project, which takes the reference from the urban texture of Casablanca and presents the strong flow between the city and the coast as a precondition for sustainability, its mission that people of Casablanca reach to coast comfortable, safe and continuous. The areas that emerged as a result of our proposals for all over the coastline, they are modern, permeable and fluid spaces that return their face to the ocean without losing the human scale, as city and the Atlantic a operate a visually whole.

LOCATION Kazablanka, Fas
PROJECT TYPE Restaurants, Buffets, Health Units, Watchtowers, Tourist Information Units
CLIENT Casablanca Municipality
STATUS 2nd Prize
AWARDS International Architectural Competition 2nd Place Award
PROJECT LEADER Oktan Nalbantoglu, Filiz Cingi Yurdakul
DESIGN TEAM Hatice Karaca, Alper Tüfekçioğlu, Okan Can, Gizem Karabay, Mehmet Işıkdemir, Orcin Yılmaz, Cemil Hamdi Okumuş, Burcu Balaban, Gökçe Temizer, Begüm Özçelik, Süleyman Aydoğmuş, Yunus Erol, Elif Ceren Yaşar


Aura Design Studio