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The privacy policy applies only to the information taken via this website (, which is maintained by the AURADS Company with their accepted privacy policy and terms, so the company won’t take any liability in any other case for any other websites. If there are any reference websites that are provided in the AURADS Company’s website to provide additional information for the users, the Company will neither accept any liability of the content of this website nor the usage of the user’s personal information though that website.


AURADS Company has security policies that will protect your personal information and prevent it from loss, misuse or destruction. The company and the employers that are responsible with the access of such information will work accordingly to the privacy and security policy of the company.

Unless with your request, to carry out your business or the needs of law and legal processes, no third party will be allowed to access to your personal information nor the company will sell or use it.

The information that you provide to the AURADS will be accepted as up-to-date and accurate, and we will also assume that you allow the company to use that information with the necessary activities. The Company won’t verify the information provided by the user so they will accept it as it is.

The information within the server of the Company of the user will be provided to you only with the legal verification and the proof of your identity in order to protect all the personal information from any other third parties. No data storage system can be accepted as 100% secure so we cannot 100% guarantee the security of the personal information as it is transmitted to our server from your computer. In any case, if you believe or suspect any security breaches in the connection or the site, please notify us immediately.

The personal information you provided may be deleted without any prior notice if there is no necessary business left with the Company.

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